SMS chat with Nubile Nicki desires dirty play time

Screenname: Nicki

About: WONDERFUL Woman, SPLENDID Body, RADIANT Grin, INFECTIOUS Snigger. Jummy, Caring, Intelligent, and IMPATIENT to Satisfy! Supreme Video Quality. Sound, High-heeled slippers, and most of all A WHOLE LOTTA PLAY TIME.

Fetishes: sadomasochism & sadomasochism,leather,feet,anal,shaving

Expertise: ******I am youthful and not too experienced, but i am eager to lern!******

Turnons: Sultry dancing … smooching … gentle rubs … biting … fervor … enthusiasm … enjoy to lay down with my guy (I don’t have a man *wink* but if I had, would enjoy to do it), being cuddled … kisses in the neck … a calming rubdown …

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