Skype chat with black SWEETMELONSSXX looking for squirting entertainment


About: O’chelle! my name says it all. enjoy trying new things. i can be anything u want me to be hun. am a GODDESS, am your fuckslut , am your lover damn i can own u. i can be addictive.

Fetishes: bdsm,smoking,anal,roleplay,dominant

Expertise: TRUST ME MY THIGHS DON”T LIE, I CAN ‘DANCE’. role playing , story telling , choking real sloppy hun, milk cans , culo , bum tearing up the list is unending. AM A FREAK*am a gal *am your desire girl *am the damsel that will take you to rehab am addictive

Turnons: a MAN/WOMAN that is gay-for-pay to the point. one that knows exactly what he seeks. if its kik we go messy naked , if its enjoy making let me cum on that stud meat. no faux showcases , I AM turned on by the real deal

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