Skype chat with mature AmberLilyShow lusts single guys for have fun

Screenname: AmberLilyShow

About: This is the account that I’m going to use for my experimental feature flashes & special dangle out sessions because I know you can’t stroke your dude sausage for me ALL the time. Chaffing’s a whore! Showcase themes & lengths will vary… Stayed tuned…

Fetishes: bondage & discipline,leather,feet,dominant,femdom

Expertise: This account isn’t truly for regular pvt demonstrates, if you’re looking to have fun time director then catch me at my other account: AmberLily. If you like your cam displays casual, stop in & unwind with me.

Turnons: Starlet Wars, Sushi, Rubber Duckies, Angora Sweaters, Silk Stocking, Rum, Gin, Absinthe, Raspberry Cheesecake, Charles Bukowski, Martha Ronk, The Twilight Zone, Elvira, All Things Tiki, Red Letter Media & The Smell Of Scarcely Wet Asphalt. Mmm!

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